ero-re humanum est

to ero is human

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Really looking forward to more Irregular at Magic High School.  Definitely my favorite so far this season!

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I swear, working on art is traumatic.

You can be about 80% done with a piece and still think it looks like crap.

And then in the last few minutes it transforms into “acceptable.”

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Okay kids, today I want to discuss something that has been on my mind intermittently lately.  It’s not like I dwell on it or anything, but every time something about it comes across my dash I get frustrated.  I get frustrated because I feel like people’s opinions are formed in ignorance, and that makes me sad.

It’s a subject that people seem to feel really passionately about, and I suppose I’m no less passionate.

Today I’m going to talk about Pluto.

It’s amazing to think about all the incredible discoveries we’ve made about our solar system since I was a small girl in the early 1980s.  I can remember staying up to see Halley’s Comet back in ‘86.  I have been deeply fascinated with the night sky since the time I picked out my first asterism.  I got a telescope for christmas when I was eight years old — this thing was quite a bit taller than I was, and very difficult for a small girl to lug around, but it was one of the best presents I ever received.  I just want to make it clear: I have been invested in the world outside the confines of the earth since as long as I can remember.  I am not only intellectually invested in it, but I am very emotionally invested in it.

I have friends in the night sky.

When I was a little girl, staring up at the night sky, we were still searching for bodies out past the orbit of Pluto.  That was our undiscovered country, and it was incredibly exciting, to wonder, to hope, that we might find even more things out past Pluto — to hope that the gulf between stars  was not sterile and empty, but simply a new frontier to map and understand.

When I was a little girl, we had not discovered any exoplanets — planets outside of our own solar system.  They were still a speculation, an inference, an idea yet proven — but we hoped to find them.

In the time since I looked up at Halley’s Comet, we have discovered so many spectacular things about our universe, both near and far.  We’ve discovered hundreds and hundreds of exoplanets: worlds outside our solar system that may be like our own.  We’ve verified the methane seas of Titan, and analyzed the geological history of Mars.  We’ve seen further back in time than any human beings who have ever come before us through the use of the Hubble Space Telescope.

And we’ve also verified that our solar system’s family is a lot bigger than we were taught in elementary school.

Many people are still angry that Pluto was “downgraded” from a planet to a minor planet.  Classifying Pluto as a minor planet didn’t erase it from our understanding.  What it did was reclassify it among all the other amazing bodies that we have discovered: Plutinos like Pluto, Orcus, and Ixion, Kupier belt objects like Makemake, Scattered Disc objects like Eris, and detached objects like Sedna.  There’s also the nearer dwarf planet Ceres, between Mars and Jupiter, the largest of the asteroids, and also the only dwarf planet in the inner Solar System.

What makes me so sad is that people are angry about Pluto’s status as a minor planet.  What that demonstrates to me is small-mindedness: a desire for a small, static, unchanging world that can be easily understood.  Instead of being angry that we’ve “lost a planet,” why not open your mind to the wonder of all the planets we’ve discovered?  It’s not that we “only have eight planets now.”  We have eight major planets and then hundreds and hundreds of minor planets.  There are hundreds and hundreds of Plutos for us to explore and observe and investigate.

How does that fill your heart with anger, rather than wonder?

Pluto was discovered in 1930.  The astronomers of antiquity did not know it, because it was too small to be discovered without the aid of photographic imaging.  It was named by an excited school girl with an interest in mythology.  I believe that Pluto always appeals to children because it is so small and so far away.  Both children and adults generally think of it as the smallest child in the solar system.

In the time since 1930, our understanding of our solar system has advanced to the point that we ken just how full our own solar system is.

Pluto doesn’t have to be lonely.

We haven’t shut it out.

Instead, Pluto has a huge, extended family, and siblings both alike and different from itself.

Our solar system didn’t get smaller when Pluto was redesignated a minor planet.

It got a whole lot bigger.

That shouldn’t fill you with anger and resentment.

It should fill you with joy.

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Okay: at this moment I can either work on art for slimes or finish Ellen XD

I guess I will finish Ellen’s ougi first.

Ellen is more important than slimes, even if slimes are very cute!

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I’m angry, but I don’t want to provoke a pointless fight x_x.

I’m just going to work until I cool off.

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that’s right!! im opening commissions for small busts like the ones above!! it can be anything you want, ocs, fanart, irl people…

i’m doing them for 2€ (only paypal) each, fully colored and with transparent bg (or flat color, as you prefer)

if you are interested or have any question, send an e-mail to gaudensis(at) (this is not my paypal address tho), i’ll answer as soon as possible! you can send an ask too, but tumblr is kind of a dick sometimes and works whenever it wants, so i may not see it ;;

spread the word

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justanotherphoenix asked: *internet smooch* I think about you and Duriel a lot and pray for your forever prosperity and joy and i love you bunches and oodles and heaps!!! <3

I want you to come visit us so I can show you the desert and cacti and stuff!

You could eat homemade pancakes in my kitchen and look out the window to see the bitch-ass songbirds that are always making such an incredible mess of my feeders, and having gang wars on my front steps.

And then I could show you the tragic flowers that I am growing.

Really, your thoughts mean a lot to me.

I love you, Shay!

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Current progress on Ellen.  Totally too tired out to do anything else, tonight, I think.
I&#8217;ll probably just read for a while.

Current progress on Ellen.  Totally too tired out to do anything else, tonight, I think.

I’ll probably just read for a while.

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So here&#8217;s my base WordDynamo score XD
It&#8217;s higher now, since I played a few more of the games.
I know a lot of words.

So here’s my base WordDynamo score XD

It’s higher now, since I played a few more of the games.

I know a lot of words.

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lightningsabre said: I think just knowing that you would help in time of need is very reassuring. I know sometimes I don’t expect any kind of help when I’m down, so it’s good to know you’d be out there ^_^

Thanks LS :)  

You’re really sweet.  I always do want to help out when I see people stressed, and I hope I didn’t come off like I was saying, “SORRY, BUT I DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE NICE LOL!”

It’s more that I really want to love everybody and be friends with everybody, but I just don’t have enough resources for that much social grooming.  So I do the best that I can, which is probably not good enough, but it’s the best that I can do.

I’m hardwired to want to get involved and try and help when someone is reaching out, because I know that hearing something is a lot better than hearing nothing.

I wish I were like Superman, and had enough strength to rescue everyone who was in distress.