ero-re humanum est

to ero is human

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Good lord, I got it all working and it looks amazing.

Now I will rest for the remainder of the night.

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Life is made of moments.  Some of them are big moments, moments that are carved into your heart and etched into your bones, so that they spell out the the story of your life, in disconnected, abbreviated scenes, like pictures in a photo album full of half-familiar faces.

We always remember the big moments.

But their are other moments in our lives too: the small moments, like drops of water in the ocean.  Each day, they slip by us faster and faster, and we don’t even recognize they’re going.  They just go, and then they’re gone, sliding off into the vague abyss of “what happened yesterday.”  We forget them in the jumbled confusion of “what’s happening now.”

Even when we want to hold onto those simple, common, everyday moments we really can’t.  It’s their ephemeral nature that defines their essence.  It’s like trying to map a mirage.

Even though I know I can’t hold onto those moments, I want to lock them away, because they’re the rarest treasures of my heart.

But no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep them in my hands: those simple, everyday moments that make up the paradise of my life.

And that’s when my heart aches at the regular, ordinary sorrow of the inescapable truth that someday I will no longer be able to recall the sound of your voice.

So, I unexpectedly wrote the intro text to Magical Dilemma.

This is Amoretta’s opening monologue. 

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Well, unexpectedly, I did some work anyway!

I think I’ve got the first Overwhelm states functioning.  It works like a Push system with elemental weaknesses.  Basically, if you hit a monster with the element they’re weak to, then the monster will be overwhelmed for a turn, unable to fight, with its defenses compromised.  Then you can give it a good wallop!

This along with binds will give characters a chance to damage difficult enemies with high defense.

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There is swank sax music for this scene.

Maybe I should put shower scenes in Magical Dilemma.

There is swank sax music for this scene.

Maybe I should put shower scenes in Magical Dilemma.

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My misery has finally arrived x_x

I started playing conception last night, and I really like it, although I don’t think the English voice is always very suitable.  It’s not like the acting is bad, but it seems like they didn’t cast to match the jp original voices, so sometimes when a character opens their mouth, I get pretty confused, since they don’t sound how I expect them to based on their design.

So far I like the sensei girl the most, although the flat-chested super-tiny third year girl just appeared, so we’ll see.

The game play has been really fun.  It’s another game about school, so of course I’ll like it.  It’s also got some pretty hilarious dialogue.

Ultimately, this is a game about taking your beautiful family with you on dungeon adventures to save the world.  Of course I like it.

But due to circumstances, I doubt I’ll get any work done today.

I’m just going to take the day off and play Conception II.

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Just finished the DLC episode of Dual Destinies.


I Want Maya to come back with a big rack of melons she’s grown during her ‘spiritual training’, and I want to see more of the amazing romance between Athena and Blackquill.

And I want more Apollo yelling.

I guess I’m going to open up Conception II now.

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kashiharaakinari said: Options are normal or Matador is every enemy

I have heard legends about Matador in this game…

this will be interesting

A secret:  Don’t play Maniacs mode unless you love the taste of your own tears.

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Okay, the first tier damage formulas are now functioning.  

I need some coffee.

And probably some chocolate.

Then I have to work on balancing the logic cycle of the game.  I need to get Gather - > Synth - > Battle - > Use Items - > Get EXP and Money - > Repeat functioning in the demo area.

Right now things are pretty punishing, but no items, equipment, or healing areas are available yet.