ero-re humanum est

to ero is human

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These are some Grade A expressions here.

This is the face you make when you’re dying wife unexpectedly tells you that you’re her favorite color.

They are labeled “Grabiner-wtf” and “Grabiner-bewildered” for reference.

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I’m doing the glorious scene where they talk about the magnificent cat Pumpkinhead.

And when we find out Amoretta’s favorite color.

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I’m going to build some background sets later tonight, I think, but for now I’ll work on the actual text, I think.

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Thinking about the GUI of my dorky P&P kinetic novel again.

I really want something like “Art Nouveau Magic Circles.”

This, at least, is my general plan.

The campus of Iris Academy, at least so far as I am concerned, is a combination of American Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, since the main building of the current campus was built sometime around 1920.  So it’s primarily Arts and Crafts architecture and furnishings, but Nouveau iron and glasswork — that’s my take, anyway.

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Okay, I think I’m done defining boxes for now.  I have to make myself a cute little arabesque namebox tomorrow or something, and then justify the thing correctly.

But it’s hot and I am miserable and sleepy x_x;

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So my rising sign is Capricorn and it talks about how I’m tough and calculating and slow and methodical

I’m just like

Okay, I shall fetch my book!  I also have a lot of Scorpio and Libra in my chart XD  And Venus is interacting with all kinds of shit, which is pretty awesome.

I mean, if you are a rad ladykiller, like I am.

Here are some notes for you!

Capricorn ascendant: deep, reserved, and serious.  Not a surface person.  It takes time to get to know them.  Life is not easy, and it is difficult for the person to approach life in an easy manner.

Aries in fourth house provides nothing useful (other than it seems to indicate that you fight with your mother), but you might like Taurus in fifth house.

Fixed and strong ideas about children (physical children or children of mind and emotions).  Venus is well-placed, so you have a loving nature.  Gemini in sixth means you want to excel at what you do.  You can work too hard on the things you love and have a nervous breakdown.  Cancer in seventh indicates you want a home-loving provider for a mate (an evil one?) Leo in the eighth house means sex should be about sharing and not taking.  Virgo in the ninth house says you are a religious skeptic.  It also says that you are meticulous and detail oriented and would make a good teacher (when you’re not having nervous breakdowns from work?)  Libra in tenth house means you have a strong sense of justice and a strong desire to see justice done yourself.  Scorpio in eleventh house means you have a strong possessive desire to hold friendships closely, so friendships are often difficult for you because you want a great deal. Sagittarius in the twelfth house, your life is not easy and will never be without a lot of hard work.  Have faith in yourself.  Try to have patience and kindness.  Your life can’t be solved by work alone.  Capricorn in first.  You want to succeed.  You may also have trouble in your knees? Lulz.  Aquarius in second.  Your creativity helps you in making money?  But Uranus is wiggling around in your chart.  You’ll have fluctuating income as you work on commission.  Pisces in third: you are an excellent creative writer.  You need to organize crap.  Always read the fine print.

And there are some things for you, Rosy XD