ero-re humanum est

to ero is human

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Some things in my closet:

  • A large stuffed sheep
  • A witch hat
  • Something like 400 My Little Ponies
  • A 1978 Pentax SLR camera and tripod
  • A Christmas tree
  • A lot of carefully packaged heads and hands, all neatly labled
  • An adult human sized version of Sakura’s Star Wand
  • A hand bound broom, taller than I am
  • A lot of CCG cards, including several complete decks for the Chaosium Lovecraft Mythos game, the Dune CCG, Animayhem, and some Ezra’s Legacy Magic decks.
  • A complete run of DC’s Amethyst miniseries, and a huge number of Legion of Super-Heroes singles.
  • Several dozen boxed Rements
  • Newspaper clippings from when I was in third grade
  • A stuffed Cogsworth
  • Architectural drawings of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg 

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Still, there’s something cheering about a closet that is 30% kilts, 40% Lolita, 10% 40s-50s vintage, 10% sundresses and circle skirts, and 10% Ren Faire. 

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Still organizing my closet.

I feel like solid crap today x_x.

I’ve been reading fairy stories to gather material, though.  I really want to get back to work.  I’m so frustrated that I haven’t been able to do anything useful lately.

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Duriel has been writing limericks this evening, so I thought I’d share this one with the internet.

An old professor taught magic of red,

As his young wife was regrettably dead,

Until a cute, nubile student,

Who was very imprudent,

Came along and jumped into his bed.

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Is this a good idea, or an awesome idea?

Thanks dumb iphone posting.  I am too tired to fix this tonight.

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Love begins when the illusion of perfection ceases to obscure the vision.  It is in fragility and error and want that love is born, not in magnificence and brilliance — but this does not make love either small or drab and ordinary.

Love begins in recognition that illuminates perception.  Love brings color to darkness.

It is in beginning to understand you that I begin to love you.

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I may be feeling crushed by external stresses lately, but that won’t stop me from naming one of Jacob’s dads “Frisky.”

Now the Blaisings have a splendid and amazing backstory, although I really have no idea if I’ll ever get to use it anywhere.

Frisky Blaising honestly ought to be the main character of his own game.

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I’m calling him done! I don’t wanna make his floaty shoulder things and ruin everything trying to wire them on soooo 

HERE’S GIG. Project number 2 finished, seems while my plushies seem to align on fire emblem, my needle felting seems to be NIS themed haha.

Based off his HD sprite.